Sunday, July 27, 2008

How Much Good Can YOU Do?

This morning at the gym, for no particular reason, I decided to hop on a machine I had struggled through and given up on when I first started my routine a few weeks ago. Something was drawing me back to this machine, and while I didn't know why at first, I decided to listen to that something and try the machine again. I stepped on the pedals, played with the buttons as I set my weight and distance, and all of the sudden it hit me. I needed to be on this machine to struggle, to huff and puff and blow lots of good healthy air towards my friend Tikva. Tikva, born June 10, has been thriving and amazing everyone around her despite life-threatening circumstances. Her mom, Gal, sent out a request for specific visions and prayers to help Tikva breathe easily, digest her healthy milk and formula without reflux, and continue to thrive and amaze all of the people in her life. As I stepped onto this machine, I realized that I could do my part to help Tikva by asking God to temporarily allow ME to struggle for her while I exercised. For 15 minutes, I decided to huff and puff and sweat and struggle as hard as I could so that Tikva could take a break and breathe easily. I don't know how it turned out on Tikva's end, but for me, my prayer resulted in an amazing and empowering workout. I did struggle non-stop while on the machine, but I made it through, smiling hugely as I pictured Tikva's gorgeous face and strong, healthy lungs.

So I have a charge for any of you who read this: Whenever you workout or challenge yourself physically, take a minute to ask God to let YOU struggle so that sweet baby girl can breathe easily for the duration of your exercise. Send her all of the good, strong breaths you can exhale. Push yourself as hard as you can so she can relax and enjoy the simple pleasure of non agitated breathing.

Imagine the good we could do for Tikva and her family if we all came together to do this for her.

As you exercise and pray, remind yourself and God that You're With Tikva. I know I am :)