Thursday, July 17, 2008


What a difference a year makes.

The picture in the red was taken on July 17, 2007, on my 25th birthday. The picture the the blue was taken exactly a year later, tonight, July 17, 2008. Hello, 26.

So much is different now, and I didn't notice it until really looking at these pictures. The slimmed-down face. The straight back and head held high. The glasses that used to look proportional and now are too big for my face (I'm hoping to get contacts when I go to the eye doc next week!) The ability to take a full body shot without cringing at the thought of what it will look like in the picture.

On the outside, the smile is the same. On the inside of the newer picture, it is a recognition of how far I've come and how much further I am going. It is hope and optimism and faith and love and contentment and strength. It's totally me, my best feature, and then and now my favorite part of myself.

1 year, 2 completely different people.

Happy birthday, Trace. Here's to 26 being as great as (or greater than) 25.


SuperMommy said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! You look great and are glowing!! You continue to amaze me and I am big sister proud of you. You are doing it!! :)

Stephanie said...

you are my inspiration trace! i miss you and love you. happy 26th!!!