Tuesday, July 15, 2008


In strange contrast to the somewhat depressing blog I just wrote, there are a few people who deserve a shout-out for being there for me in the last few months. You guys are such bright lights in my life, and you make every day on this program so much easier to bear.

In no particular order:

~RGM--for writing me inspirational emails and reminding me that I can do this--I'm glad to know we're in this together again ;)
~Gal and Dave--for consistently reading and commenting on this blog, for all of your love, for letting me ask you a million questions about health and exercise, for proving the power of prayer and positivity
~Steph (Happy birthday, shutafah!)--for reminding me that I am loved and not alone, for introducing me to Thayer's, for enjoying 'cheat night' with me all last year
~Stefie--for hugs of encouragement, secretly needling me at the clinic (shhh...), letting me ask you a million questions about health and nutrition, supplying me with supplements and ideas to make my life better
~Leah--for knowing what a best friend really is, being such a support, such a believer, one of the brightest of the bright lights
~Mike and Joey--for giving me a reason to smile every time you call, for raising the bar, for telling me that I am beautiful and deserve good things
~Whitney--for all the new clothes, the random blog comments, for always thinking of me
~Aunt Diane--for being what my mom can't be, for loving me like I am your own, for everything you do for me and for us

You all make such a difference in my life and inspire me every step of the way. I love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Anonymous said...

You complete me! ;-)


P.S. Thanks for being "my friend"--I know I already told you that when I lept off the couch and hugged you the other night, but I really appreciate knowing that I have your full support where that whole thing is concerned. If you ever need words of encouragement or someone to tell you that the ice cream will always look better in the package than it will on our collective asses, you know where to find me!


SuperMommy said...

It is such a pleasure, and so easy to support you because you are so committed to yourself and owning your role in your process and growth. I'm super proud to be your friend. :)

Stephanie said...

you know i'm always there for ya babe...i wish i could be like leah and hug you whenever i want. it's hard to not be able to vent to you whenever i want. i miss you so much!!! thanks for the birthday shout out.

can't wait until we are reunited...we need to pick a weekend!