Wednesday, July 9, 2008


While bored at work this evening, I decided to go to the WW website and do some playing around. I used the recipe-builder tool (I think you can only use it if you're an actual member) to determine the number of points for my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, as I've been wanting a good CCC for a long time now. I learned that if I ate the entire batch of cookies in one sitting, I'd be swallowing 156 points, about 5 times my daily limit. Which means that I could technically live on nothing but CCC's for a week and still lose weight. I freakin' love this program.

(I have no plans to live on CCC's for a week, btw, in case I freaked anybody out. Just an interesting and fun way to pass the time.)

I've also been going online to restaurant websites and using their nutrition facts to determine the points values for my fave out-to-eat fare. Most of the results are pretty depressing, but at least now I know so I can save up for those special treats every now and then.

Can you tell I've spent the week tracking my points? It's the first time I've ever really done this, and I kind of like it. While it does feel a little anal-retentive, I can easily keep track of what I am eating and exactly how many points I am taking in. I am also tracking my exercise and trying not to let myself use the extra points I earn by exercising (I've been averaging 4 activity points a day...go me!)

Since I decided to work tonight, I will be going to my weekly WW meeting tomorrow night. Expect a blog about how that goes by the weekend.

I've been sitting in this office doing practically nothing for 6 hours now, and I've got another 30 minutes to go. Forgive me for this ridiculous, boredom-inspired post.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, if I make 36 cookies out of one batch, they're 4 points a piece. A bit high for one stupid cookie, but once in awhile a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...

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SuperMommy said...

You have a brilliant sense of humor, Tracy... keep it up and you will continue to soar through this transformation. :) (And keep us laughing!)