Friday, July 11, 2008


I did it! 3.8 lbs down last night, I think due to my new workout routine and meticulously counting my points. Incredibly excited, relieved, and revved up for this challenging Bat Mitzvah weekend.

I also decided that I am moving my WW meeting nights to Thursday, as I've gone a couple of times on a Thursday night and really prefer the group leader and group itself. It's a good feeling to be a part of a warm, welcoming community again.

82 pounds gone. The amazing feeling of finally reaching the 80lb line. So sweet. So worthwhile. So healthy. So ME.

Visions to carry me through the 90lb threshold:
-Gradually increasing my time at the gym, trying new equipment and meeting great, encouraging people.
-Counting and getting a firm hold of my points values everyday, seeing those numbers as merely gentle "bumpers" (like in bumper-bowling) to keep me from rolling into the diet gutter.
-Eating the delicious homegrown tomatoes and peaches and blackberries that have finally arrived at my favorite produce market.
-Tikva continuing to breathe on her own, thriving, surprising and amazing her doctors and parents, smiling, coming home to her wonderful family.
-Enjoying my 26th birthday and treating myself to something wonderful.
-Finally finishing my liturgy paper and clearing that from my mind.
-Proudly delivering my sermon on August 8, without any nerve-caused glitches.
-The continued vision of myself as a healthy, happy, and successful woman, surrounded by friends and family and love.
-Continuing to learn lessons about who I am and what Gd has in store for me.

82 lbs.


SuperMommy said...

I am so blown away by you, Tracy. Not because I expected anything less, but because of how much you are rocking your journey. Thank you for the ongoing love you send to Tikva and us along the way. When you reach 90 pounds and she is home in our arms, we will be CELEBRATING you both. Love. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello my Lovely,

I am SO proud of you. When I saw you yesterday you were a different person and not because of the weight loss. You actually GLOW. You seem comfortable in your own skin. Most importantly, you look like you are finally in love with life.

I am so excited to see the continued wonderful things that God is doing in your life.

I love you!