Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday Night Report #4

OK, so this week I weighed in on Thursday night, but whatever...

Down 1.2 lbs this week! Very exciting, considering I felt like I ate my way through New York City: pastas, a good steak, salads, a completely delicious (albeit artery clogging and probably heart-attack-inducing) corned beef sandwich, and the many delicious cookies and treats from bakeries in the city and in my soon-to-be new neighborhood. Hey, you only live once, right?

We did a ton of walking as we ran around Manhattan and Queens looking for apartments. I found a great one in Astoria, an adorable 1-bedroom in an even more adorable neighborhood. Anything I could need, want or desire is within walking distance, and my commute is a typical 40-minutes door-to-door. So excited and ready to move in NOW! The apartment is on the third floor of a building without an elevator, so it has the added bonus of a "stair-stepper" every time I come home for the day. Always a plus :)

I hadn't been to NYC since I auditioned at HUC in February 2007. I remember walking around the city, sluggish and overwhelmed by the fast pace. This time, however, while I was still very overwhelmed (especially close to our hotel near Madison Square Garden,) I was definitely able to keep up with the flow and pace of the city. I walked briskly past the crowds, not tired after 15 blocks, ready to keep going and see what more there was to see. It was an amazing feeling of knowing I am in good shape (or at least much better shape) and will be able to physically take on the hustle and bustle of the city once I move there in early-mid August. I don't know if I'd feel this confident about moving to such a city without being in the shape I'm in now.

And I have to mention the airplane ride...not only was I able to ride the plane without a seat belt extension (haven't needed one of those in awhile!) but I was able to actually pull on the excess seat belt to make it tighter around my hips! I know that most of you are thinking, "Big deal!", but to me, the ability to sit and wear a normal sized seat belt like a normal sized person is a HUGE deal. It is in moments like this where my hard work and dedication really pays off and I have a physical sign of my progress. As good as I look and feel now, there is nothing better than realizing these little moments and taking every one of them in.

BTW--my apartment is a real apartment and not a studio, so while it's small, I'll definitely have room for visitors if anyone is interested...and we can paint Astoria red when you get there!

79.6 lbs!

A good week, indeed :)

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SuperMommy said...

BIG DEAL indeed! This is all so wonderful, and I continue to be awed by you and all you are bringing into your life. You are going to ROCK NYC!! And have so much fun while you're at it. :)