Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Pact

From this point forward, I will do the following to try to deal with my mom in the healthiest possible way:

I will take deep breaths and stay as calm as possible, even if her demands are more than I can handle.
I will know that she has everyone's best intentions in her heart.
I will continue to take time for myself and know that she can survive without me for a few hours, days, weeks or months.
I will remind myself everyday of how fortunate I am to have a mom who loves me and who wants to involve me in every detail of her life.
I will keep in mind her limitations and frustrations and try to pair them as best I can with my own limitations and frustrations.
I will laugh with her as much as possible and remember how joyful our time together so often is.
I will thank Gd everyday for the gift of family.
I will remember that in spite of everything, she is my mom and my best friend and the one person who knows me in ways unlike anyone else in the world.
I will write on this blog and try to meditate and/or pray when I need to vent frustrations and relax the anger bubbling inside of me.
I will remind myself that I am happy, healthy, and incredibly lucky, even when my mom or anyone else tries my patience.
I will forgive myself when my temper flares and allow myself to cry or yell when I need to.
I will lose myself in music, movies, exercise, study, or other healthy activities instead of turning to food for comfort.
I will continue to grow and evolve and learn with what Gd has so graciously given to me.
I will remember that my mom is the only mom I will ever have and that I am blessed to know her and to call her my mom.
And I will add to this list whatever I deem appropriate when the time arises.

I will remember that love and respect are the two greatest mitzvot one can do unto another, and let that be my guide from this point forward.


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