Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday Night Report #3

Good news--down 2.2 lbs--a full kilo--this week! It feels incredibly good that my body is readjusting well to the United States and that I am able to continue my hard work here. My family and friends have been incredibly supportive and loving, offering their ears, advice when I need it, and tons and tons of love.

I'm also exploring new and interesting weight loss methods and assistance. My cousin Stefie is a soon-to-be chiropractor, so she's been adjusting me and helping me even out some things. She has also studied and is becoming licensed in acupuncture, so she's been "needling" me in my ears to encourage my mouth, stomach, and organs to keep up and/or speed up their good work. She's also helping me to live a much healthier life by researching and suggesting natural foods to replace some of the crap I've been eating. Thanks to her, I no longer rely on aspartame (or "cancer packets" as I say to my mom every time she dumps 2 packets of Sweet N'Low into her iced tea) and instead reach for Stevia to sweeten my coffee and yogurt.

I am also back in therapy, exploring meditation with my therapist. The goal is to get me to the "place" to help me release the anger and sadness that have been building up over the last 25 years. I'm trying really, really hard to open up to this, because I believe completely that it will work, though I'm not entirely there yet. I've been in a somewhat bad mood as of late, which I think might be due to our last couple of sessions where we've been bringing up the traumas that have occurred in my life. I think I understand the process, and this part is just bringing those traumas to the surface to help me release them, though this bad mood is hard to shake. It also might be part of the mindfulness we are working on.

And with every day that passes I find new reasons for hope and miracles. Thanks, Tikva, and keeping up your amazing work!

78.4 lbs.


Stephanie said...

You are so amazing. I caught up with this blog tonight (Even though I don't have time) and am blown away by how awesome you are. You are doing and feeling everything wonderfully and perfectly and are working so hard to improve yourself. It's so great and I look to you for inspiration. I love you and I'm proud of you!

your sister/shutafah

SuperMommy said...

You are doing so great, Tracy, and I continue to be super proud of you (once a Jewish mama, always a Jewish mama). :) I love all the things you are doing to support yourself on this incredible and brave journey. Keep forward on this path and don't look back! Lots of love.