Friday, August 8, 2008

Sweet Girl

Tikva Ahava passed away last night, 3 days shy of becoming 2 months old.
My heart hurts, not so much for her as I know she is finally at peace and in perfect health.
But for her parents, big sister, family, and everyone who loves her, my heart is heavy and sad.
I wish so badly I could somehow take the away the pain that her family is feeling.
But I know I can't, nor can anyone else.

It's been a stressful week here, packing up my stuff and running a million little errands.
I am excited to leave, though I am finding it difficult to want to accomplish anything that needs to be done in order to board the plane on Sunday morning.
I've also been eating terribly this week, going out to dinner with various people every night.
A great way to say goodbye, an awful way to keep up with my weight-loss plan.
I need to give my body time to adjust to moving and the stress of school before I can really, truly start back on the program.
I have every intention of doing so.
For myself more than anyone, but especially now for Tikva.
She's my partner in this journey.
With her, I can do anything.

You are an amazing spirit, sweet girl.
You have forever changed me--thank you for that.
I talked about you and your family tonight, as I proudly gave my first sermon.
My whole community is praying for you and loving you and your family.
Thank you for being an inspiration, a light.
You will be forever loved and cherished by many people.

I know you still have big plans for everyone who loved you.
And I am excited to see them unravel as the years go by.

I am so lucky to be one of the millions who loved you, who still and always will love you.
Thank you, Tikva.

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SuperMommy said...

You are a wonder, Tracy. Tikva has big plans for you, too. Keep her as your partner on your journey and you will go far... Love