Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pray for us

My mom's been really, really sick over the last couple of months. She's having intense swelling in both legs (so bad that none of her pants or shoes will fit) and is having trouble breathing and doing normal, everyday things. Her doctors have given her a myriad of tests, all of which have come back completely normal, and no one has any idea what's going on with her. I tried to call her internist to ask him to call me back, and it's apparently very hard to leave a voicemail for a doctor.

She's unstable and very depressed and scared about what's happening to her.

She called me crying this afternoon, after my brother got frustrated and took it out on her. He goes back to school tomorrow, leaving her all alone for the next 3 weeks until he graduates.

Since her phone call around 4:00 this afternoon, I've been eating myself silly. I was literally shoving my dinner (albeit, a healthy one) down my throat, and ate way too much too fast causing myself to feel sick and bloated.

I notice that I react to bad things using food. But how can I stop it?

Please pray for my mama, and that we all have the strength to get through this without hurting ourselves or each other.

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