Saturday, November 15, 2008


Immediately after my last post this morning, I decided to take the plunge and go buy a scale. I ran to the drugstore before I could give it a second thought and ran home and ripped it out of the box. I (of course) went to the bathroom and stripped down to as little as possible, and with my heart racing I stepped on and prepared for the worst.

And then I saw the number.

The smallest I've ever seen in relation to my body.

I've crossed over the 80lb line.
I've crossed over the 90lb line.
And, I'm very excited to tell you...

Almost 102 lbs lost. 17.8 lbs lost since moving to NY. 6 pounds a month, which is very healthy and stable.


I am so relieved and so excited and ready to jump on this bandwagon again. I can do it, and even when I didn't think I could, I did! I'm so excited it's almost pathetic.

No Weight Watchers, no expensive gym memberships, no classes on healthy eating and lifestyle. Just me and my own intuition and body, guiding me and moving me forward at the perfect pace.

I also like to give God some of the credit, and maybe Tikva, too? Thanks guys :)

And thanks to all of you for being my continued support. Much, MUCH love to all of you. Cheers to another milestone!!

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Gal aka SuperMommy said...

Take ALL the credit yourself, sweetie! God and Tikva and all of us are just your fans. :) Awesome!!