Monday, October 13, 2008

Opinions, Please!!

First of all, I'm a little ashamed to be posting this...feels narcissistic or something. Sorry about that.

For awhile now I've been wanting to buy a new suit. I've been on the lookout, tried on a bunch of options, and haven't found anything that fits particularly well or is all that flattering.

That said, I found something this morning that I might be into. BUT--since I'm never 100% sure about these things, and those of you who read this seem to have great senses of fashion, I want your opinion. I need my stylists!! Before I show you, I should tell you a few things about it.
  1. I LOVE the jacket and the look as a whole. I don't think it makes me look boxy or masculine, which I normally think when I'm in a suit.
  2. The jacket=size 20. The pants=size 18. I took pictures of the tags for evidence, just in case I am making this all up in my head. Size 18 pants? NEVER happened before, ever.
  3. The whole suit cost me $48, tax and all. Brilliant.
  4. The pants are the one thing I can't quite decide on. I'm not really a wide-leg girl, and since I have no butt, I don't know if I can really pull them off. The size 20's were too big in the leg, even though I really have to squeeze into the 18's (but they fit!) Maybe a tailor can work some magic on them?
The pics were tough to take, and I didn't realize how dirty my mirror was until after I'd taken the pictures, so my apologies if the suit itself is hard to see. I'm wearing my 2-inch heel boots in the pics, so I need to find some cute heels to go with it. Yay for new shoes!

The sizes. Yep, they're real. I still can't believe it myself. I also love the teeny-tiny polka dots.

The jacket

The pants--see the bulk in the hip and thigh area? Can a tailor fix that?

Front view

Side view

So what do we think? I won't be offended by opinions since I struggle with knowing what works and what doesn't. Thanks in advance for your help!


W. said...

I'm confused. The close ups look like a taupe color. The suit you're wearing looks black?

Gal aka SuperMommy said...

I like it! And yes, a tailor can take the bulk in. But make sure to keep the wide legs... the less tapered the legs, the better. You look great!! Really. And you're NOT narcissistic. :)

Stephanie said... are SO FREAKIN SKINNY!!! I love the suit and I'll see you in two weeks. in new york. how cool!


Kath said...

Like the suit!! I think the jacket could be even a slimmer fit in the waist. It's a little boxy and I can tell you have a small waist than it lets off. Very cute and classic though :)

Anonymous said...

Darling, you look marvelous!! Work it. :-D

Seriously, you are fabulous. There is a TALL NJB out there with your name on him, I'm sure of it.