Monday, September 8, 2008


I just finished a big cup of my homemade frozen yogurt, made with nothing but some frozen fruit (that I froze myself just before it went bad, when it was ugly to look at but so juicy and sweet) and plain nonfat yogurt. It's my new dessert ritual, especially when I crave McDonalds ice cream or, more recently, the ice cream from the Mister Softee truck that paroles my neighborhood. And, right before I go to sleep, I eat a tiny piece of the 85% cocoa chocolate bar I bought last week. Bought it last week, still have 75% of it left in my freezer. It's my one little tiny indulgence at the end of the day, instead of wine or something worse.

My dinner tonight was a huge salad of every vegetable known to man (really, you name it, it was probably in my salad) topped off with some roasted turkey breast. I had a tiny bit of brown rice left over from the other night that went really well and gave me enough carbs to help me feel full.

Today, I avoided (ok, mostly avoided) the pizza that was served at lunch and instead went for a big plate of the tossed salad and a Kashi granola bar (my other new fave thing.) I might have had about 1/3 of a piece of cheese pizza, but I'm okay with that. All things in moderation, and NY pizza is hard to pass up.

I'm still doing well on WW. Not going to meetings yet, though I feel it coming soon. Sticking to the plan as best I can even though my portions are a bit larger than I'd like and some of my choices are not the best. I feel like I'm getting some sort of a routine down and might be able to join the gym soon. My time on WW is not over and I want to start up again. I can do it, I know it.

Weight loss aside, it just feels better knowing that I'm putting healthy food into my body.

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Stephanie said...

you're so freakin' awesome.

come back.