Friday, September 12, 2008

ברית לעצמי

The last week has been entirely too filled with food. Eating whatever I can, whenever I can. I only keep healthy foods in the house, so thus far the quality of food hasn't been a problem, but the quantity of the food is causing concern.

I'm sure PMS has been a big part of the problem, paired with the stresses of school and finding new and interesting reasons to hate New York City.

But I am determined to battle the problem and to come out on top. So last night, I created a brit--a covenant--for myself. Between me, my body, and God. I created the following conditions (the term 'rules' sounds negative to me) for my brit, which I will addend whenever the time feels right.

#1: I will wait at least 2 hours between eating a meal and having a snack. This way, I won't graze all day long, including the time when I am actually cooking a meal, since I tend to nibble away on anything in the kitchen in the middle of the preparations.

#2: After dinner, I will only drink, and I may only drink water, tea, or milk. After a healthy dinner, I shouldn't need to eat anything else. Brushing my teeth right after dinner last night was very helpful, so I will continue to do so until my body adjusts to this pattern.

#3: I will only eat when I am actually hungry. If I've already eaten and I'm not hungry, I don't need to eat again, no matter who it's with or what it's for.

#4: Should I be hungry--legitimately hungry and uncomfortable (it's not always horrible to be hungry)--the preceding conditions are null and void and I may eat a small, healthy snack.

#5: I will continue to use my food scale to measure what REAL portions are and eat only according to that (you'd be surprised how vastly incorrect most measuring cups are--most of the time, a the recommended cup-measurement weighs 10-20 grams more than the serving size should be. Those extra grams add up!)

#6: I will continue to treat myself at least once a day with something wonderful, whether food related or not.

#7: I will learn that just because I am in the kitchen I DO NOT need to be eating. I can cook, wash dishes, clean, measure, etc. without eating anything. It IS possible.

Seven conditions feels like a good number to me for now. And all of the conditions are phrased in a positive way, since this is a positive step in the right direction. I'll add more when the time is right.

Now that it's written down, I am going to post my brit in every room in my house as to never forget. Like my own personal 10 Commandments, except only 7. That's okay.

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