Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monday Night Report #6

Down 1 kilo 600 grams this week! That takes off the 1.2 kilos I gained last week and then some! I'm happy about this, and I knew it would happen, and it was the best way to end my Israeli Weight Watchers career.

Menucha, our group leader, said a special goodbye to me at the beginning of our last meeting. The whole group clapped and cheered and hollered about my successes, and begged me to send pictures and stories about where I'm going from here. I opened my arms to big hugs and thanked everyone a million times for their love and support the last 10 months. They are an amazing group of people, I group that I have bonded with and will miss very much once I leave on Friday morning.

Menucha also asked me to say a few words about my journey. I shared how important it is to believe in yourself, to envision what you want from yourself and your life and work to get there. I also thanked the group for their sweet comments and our lovely conversations, without which I might not have always had the strength to keep coming back.

And so I remind you, whether you're fat, thin, or perfectly normal, that if you want something in life and believe in it 100% you CAN get there. I know it sounds hokey, but the only way you'll get anywhere is to constantly envision yourself there and constantly work like hell to make it happen. I'm living proof of that. And I will remind myself of that from this point forward.

73.9 lbs--slowly, slowly, it's happening.

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SuperMommy said...

You are the ONLY person I have ever known ever who has managed to lose weight while studying for final exams! Seriously. You should feel so proud of yourself. I know I am proud of you. Keep envisioning yourself there, and know you're on your way, one step at a time. And by the way... no matter what weight you are, you are "perfectly normal". :)