Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Night Report #4

I lost another 2 kilos tonight! I am incredibly happy, given the fact that I basically forgot I was on a diet the entire week I was in Belarus for Passover. I did walk a lot while I was there, though, and I got right back on track as soon as I got back to Jerusalem, so I guess that helped. I was even good when we broke Passover at a great Italian restaurant downtown, eating a salad, a healthy pasta, and sorbet for dessert instead of the chocolate lava cake I really wanted. I've crossed over the 70 lb line, and I feel great about it.

Tonight at WW, I met a girl around my age who's giving the program a second chance after being away for a few months. She kept saying over and over again how the program is so much easier in the States, and how she always seems to feel hungry and unsatisfied on the Israeli WW program. She and I got to talking about the program, and she asked me what I was doing and how it was working for me. I gave her all the words of wisdom I could think of, such as:
  • Eating your weight in vegetables and limited amounts of everything else; that way, you're not depriving yourself of anything, and eating plenty to keep yourself full and satisfied.
  • Keeping healthy snack options around you all the time; whole cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, pretzels, almonds, rice cakes, etc.
  • Learning to crave and enjoy healthy, fresh foods instead of pizza and fast food.
  • Staying active, even if it means simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator in every building, or dancing to fast music alone in your bedroom (which I admit, I do on occasion...)
  • Keeping a positive attitude and knowing in your heart that you CAN do it (even on those times when you swear up and down that it's impossible.)
  • Telling everyone and anyone about the program and your success
The last point was one I really tried to emphasize. I never realized how much I needed help and support in my weight loss goals until this year. In the past, I was ashamed and embarrassed to even talk about my weight. Nowadays, I talk about it to anyone who is willing to listen: friends, family, professors, perfect strangers. It still amazes me how weight seems to be a topic that everyone can relate to, even those people who you'd never think had a problem or needed to worry about their weight. It also amazes me how much it helps to have support and encouragement...every time I want to give up, I think of all the people who love and are behind me, and I remember how good it feels when they tell me how good I look and how great I'm doing. There are definitely times where I don't feel those things for myself, so keeping them in my head helps to keep me on track and with the program.

And finally, I told her over and over again that I believe in her, and that she CAN do it if and when she is ready. I DO believe in her--I hope she believes enough in herself to make this and all of her other goals and aspirations come to fruition.

I'm behind her as much as so many of you are behind me, and it's a great position to be in.

I'm seriously considering joining the WW program in the States--not only as a member, but as a group leader. I think it would give me the opportunity to not only share my story and my struggles, but also to inspire and help others figure out just how beautiful they are, no matter how much they weigh.

-73 lbs and counting :-D

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