Monday, August 15, 2011

What I DO Need to Hear Right Now

I hope Leah doesn't get mad at me for posting this, but it really was the very best email I could have received this morning. I am so lucky to have this woman, and her vibrant, warm, glowing lights, in my life. Thank you, sweet friend, and I love you, too.

So I just read your latest blog posts, and I feel compelled to let you know that my ass will be in a plane THIS AFTERNOON, if you need me. You, my friend, are so hurt right now. And I know that some of it is hormonal, but a lot of it comes from feelings that you have squashed for so many years. I think that the tears and the frustration are all part of the healing process, but I don’t want you going through any of these things alone.

I want to call up St. Louis and tell your mother to get the hell over herself. That she was an incredible daughter whom she pushes away more and more with every phone call and visit. I won’t do this, but I want to. You deserve to much more than you have right now. You need to feel supported and loved. Just knowing that is like 95% of the battle. How can you even be expected to thrive when you feel like you are dangling out there on your own? My heart just aches for you, and I understand the frustration you feel because it seems like everyone and their dog has what you want. And if you hear one more time how great you are, you might punch someone. I understand this. No words from anyone are going to make it better. But a hug from your best Lee-Lah and a glass of wine are a pretty good start.

Say the words and I’m on the next flight out. I’m serious.

I love you T-Money.

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Anonymous said...

I meant every word, and of course I'm not mad! Good luck at HUC today--you guys are going to be great.

Love you!