Monday, February 2, 2009


Sugar is addicting, as are refined carbohydrates. I'd done so well at removing them from my diet the last year and a half that it's taken me nearly 2 months to get out of the habit of eating them every single day. Over winter break and on my vacation I might as well have poured a big bag of sugar down my throat--between cookies, chocolate, fancy desserts at every meal, pastiries--I was a walking 238 pound bag of sugar.

Thank goodness my body is back to the point where I'm not craving sweets ALL THE TIME.

The other big news? I stepped the scale for the first time since November. I went up 3.4 pounds, which, while rather sucky, is better than I'd anticipated. I should mention that it took every ounce of courage in my body to step on that scale. I felt like I was back in elementary school again, when the gym teachers were recording our heights and weights and body fat percentage. Torturous.

I'm also in the process of trying to figure out how to get off my ass and move a little. I'm very conflicted over this, as I have several choices and all of them have pros and cons. Here's a list:

PROS: It's CHEAP--$100/semester. It's also close to school, meaning I could go before/after school when I'm not working
CONS: It's close to school, meaning it isn't close to home and I wouldn't go on my days off. It's also kinda shady, and the other NYU gym is farther away, meaning I'd never go. It's also full of college kids, including the sorostitute-types that used to laugh at me when I'd hit the gym in college.

PROS: It's on my block. It's also women-only, with women of every shape, size, age, nationality, etc. I'm familiar with it, as I was a member in St Louis before I started school.
CONS: It's EXPENSIVE. $75 registration fee and $50/month if I sign up for 12 months. It also doesn't seem like the kind of workout I'm looking for, but I don't really know what I'm talking about in that department. The hours aren't always convenient.

PROS: For my singing, it's exactly what I need to be doing right now. I also think it'd be extremely helpful for my inner-poise and confidence, and it's amazingly relaxing. My music theory professor, who is adorable, would be one of my teachers.
CONS: It's also very expensive, much more so than Curves. It isn't really a "workout", which means I'd have to implement it with something else. It's addicting, meaning I'd have to keep shelling out the bucks if I want to continue.

What is a fat girl to do when she is addicted to sugar and can't make up her mind about how to burn it all off?

Suggestions are welcome.

And Spinrads, if you feel like moving to NYC next year instead of Cinci, I'd happily hire Dave to train me and throw in some free hours of babysitting Little Miss D. Can I tempt you to change your mind from Cinci to the Big Apple???

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David said...

Hello friend,

Thank you for your invitation to join you in NYC. I'll meet you in Times Square when hell freezes over!

Thank you in advance for your contribution to Sunday evening's gathering. You are appreciated!

I miss you!