Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Night Report

Tonight at my Weight Watchers meeting I lost 2 kilograms--about 4.4 pounds! This was the first time since I've been back from winter break that I've lost this much in a week. I have to say that it feels AMAZING to have done this, to feel like I'm back on track and back in the program.

One would think I would be celebrating with a salad and some celery sticks or something. HA! How did I celebrate? By eating whole wheat bread with enough garlic herb butter for the entire loaf and 4 (!) Tim-Tam chocolate cookies with tea. Not to mention my homemade butternut squash soup (which is actually very healthy and low in WW points) and the salad that my friend brought over (with no oil, therefore, besides the almonds on top, it was practically points free.)

I wish I didn't love food so much. I wish the cooking and eating of food didn't bring me so much pleasure. I wish I had a normal relationship with the food I eat. I wish I could eat whatever I want whenever I want it without feeling guilt or shame. I wish I was one of those people with metabolisms that run at the speed of light. I wish I was just born skinny.

But, I'm down 4.4 lbs, 66.4 lbs since I started the program. That has to count for something, right?

Tomorrow is another day.

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SuperMommy said...

I so feel you, friend. Keep up the good work. You're doing great. Love, one of your biggest fans :)